Shiny New Toy Takes The Red Pill and Removes the Wrapping Paper

According to Wikipedia, taking the Red Pill is to “embrace the sometimes painful truth.” Honestly, I thought it just meant you get to spend time in cool virtual worlds mastering jujitsu. So maybe the red pill metaphor doesn’t work so well for Shiny New Toy.

In any case, we just launched the splash page for our site, just in time for it to work for all those people I meet at SXSW and hand out a business card to with the URL on it. There’s much more to come in this space in the future. We’ll be blogging about getting Shiny New Toy up and running, the projects Holly and I are working on, and the types of things we are interested in exploring. Of course, they’ll be no lack of commentary on all things related to social media, design, technology, interaction, branding, and so much more. Do stay tuned!

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