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Red Pill or Blue Pill

In my previous post, The Online You, I talked about the challenge of using social media to properly portray yourself to people you may end up doing business with while providing a complete picture of who you are and all that you are about.  So exactly are Holly and I tackling this issue with Shiny [...]

The Online You

One of the biggest challenges when diving into the online social media world and beginning to participate is figuring out how to represent yourself.  Of course, there’s the general ethics that basically equate to “love your neighbor.”  These exist as much in the physical worlds as they do in the online world.  Along the same [...]

Four Things I love about Twitter

I can easily jump in and out without missing a beat Of all the social networks I am a part of, Twitter is the one that is most compatible with my workflow.  I’m a short attention span kind of guy and feel like participating with my friends on Facebook involves me dedicating an hour here [...]

A must read: Groundswell

If social media were a sport, Groundswell would be the playbook, and Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff would be the head coach and general manager. I’ve read many books the topics of new PR rules and modern digital marketing, but have yet to come across a book that clearly spells out the how of social [...]

A review of WordPress for iPhone

About a week ago the WordPress app for the iPhone was announced with an awesome screencast. And now that the app has been released and seeing that JJ and I are HUGE fans of WordPress, its only fitting that I do a quick review (especially since between the two of us, I’m the iPhone owner). [...]

How we bootstrapped Shiny New Toy

It’s getting easier and easier to start a company.  The tools you can use to operate, manage, and communicate with the folks you work with are becoming more robust and dirt cheap to adopt.  Here’s a few of the services and tools we used to bootstrap Shiny New Toy and get things off the ground. [...]

Must Read Conversation on Tech Blogging

Last night Robert Scoble published a rant – er, i mean blog post – titled “Has/How/Why tech blogging has failed you.” The post and subsequent conversation taking place via the comments on the post and on Friendfeed are amazing. While the post zeroes in on Tech blogging, anyone interest in the blogging medium should give [...]

The one person who benefits when Twitter is overloaded

That person would be Yiying Lu – the illustrator of the infamous Fail Whale that shows up when Twitter gets moody.  Like any good entrepreneur would, Yiying has developed a little cottage industry around the Fail Whale with official merchandise, even parties.  With every Twitter failure, a little more exposure is sent Yiying’s way. What’s [...]

Summer 2008 and the web: This pretty much sums it up

Really enjoyed this page created by Matthew Inman.  Matthew does a nice job of summing up what’s been happening in the web industry with fun, to-the-point images.  This one is my favorite…  

Twitter’s tipping point is coming on November 4, 2008

What’s happening that night is that the U.S. will be electing Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.  Or at least that how I hope it plays out. But’s also the most united night the American people will have.  Nothing unites EVERYONE like a presidential election.  The Super Bowl comes close, but [...]