Must Read Conversation on Tech Blogging

Last night Robert Scoble published a rant – er, i mean blog post – titled “Has/How/Why tech blogging has failed you.” The post and subsequent conversation taking place via the comments on the post and on Friendfeed are amazing. While the post zeroes in on Tech blogging, anyone interest in the blogging medium should give it a solid read.

Robert points out how he lost sight of what he really enjoyed about Tech blogging (in short: being a geek) and slowly, but surely gravitated to the business side of Tech.  And to some degree, tech blogging is now controlled by PR agents.  The conversations ends as quickly as it starts as the PR machine moves onto the next big thing.

Here’s why the ensuing conversation is so important

Blogging continues to be adopted.  Related social media and online communications tools are popping in places other than technology niches.  People like Holly and I; all the great people involved with Social Media Club; and even Scoble himself are helping to  lead this charge into new industries and verticals by sharing our knowledge of the strategies, techniques, practices, and toolkits involved.

So as we move forward, we should not forget what happened when Tech blogging matured.  Or is it regressed?  Scoble has pointed them out. Bookmark the discussion and return to it often so it is not forgotten.

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