Four Things I love about Twitter

I can easily jump in and out without missing a beat

Of all the social networks I am a part of, Twitter is the one that is most compatible with my workflow.  I’m a short attention span kind of guy and feel like participating with my friends on Facebook involves me dedicating an hour here and there.  That’s not happening.  With Twitter, I can drop in for 5 minutes at at time, write a tweet or two and catch up on recent activity of the folks I’m following.  It’s the new “smoke break”.

It helps me get to know people faster

It’s amazing what you can learn about people in short bursts.  There are many people that I’ve yet to meet in person that I know so much in person.  Like they listen to Pavement or Sam Cooke.  Or are as obsessed with the Boston Red Sox as I am.

It allows me to spend less time in Google Reader

Instead of opening up Google Reader to read feeds of my favorite blogs, I’m using the folk I follow in Twitter to alert me to things I should view and read.  My Twitter friends have become my trusted sources.

Everyone else loves it, too

Admit it.  You love Twitter.  Sure, it may make you crazy and piss you off whenever it presents you with a picture of a whale.  But every significant relationship you’ve ever had has parts to it that you can’t stand.  We all put up with it and we’ll all continue to put up with it for the foreseeable future. Divorce is not imminent, no matter what some people may think. In fact, we all seem to be rooting for Twitter to exceed beyond our wildest imagination.  In that fashion, using Twitter is like going to a casino and joining a craps table.  While the other casino games are very individual affairs, playing craps is a communal activity where everyone roots for the person with the dice to throw the perfect roll.  On Twitter, we’re all just standing around the table rooting for Twitter.

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