Keep it Simple with Eventbrite

I’m a big fan of saving time and energy by using best of breed online services that already exist.  Keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel is something any software developer hears repeatedly while they are working on a new project.  When Holly and I work with our clients, we often recommend third party solutions that will help solve problems for our clients.  Sure, we could develop a custom solution and there are times where a custom solution must be built.  But more often than not, we’ve found that a pre-existing service or solution is already out there and it’s logical to take advantage of it.

Event registrations is an example of a service where the we do not need to reinvent the wheel for our clients.  Eventbrite has always been our event registration and payment solution of choice, but the biggest problem with it was creating the best online user experience we could in our client solutions.  Until recently, using Eventbrite with your own website meant inserting a link that would take users off your site completely, onto an Eventbrite page which may look nothing like where the user started from.  But Eventbrite’s new Ticket Widget keeps the event registration activity on your site, keeping it simple.

With the new Ticket Widget, you can instantly add the power to sell tickets to any page on your site. You can apply the same theme and color options to your Ticket Widget as you would to a full registration page.

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