Monthly Archives: August 2008

WordCamp San Francisco 2008

WordCamp returns to San Francisco next Saturday, August 16 at Mission Bay Conference Center.  WordCamp is one of my favorite tech events of the year mainly because of the wonderful folks in the WordPress community that attend it.  If you are interested in blogging and all the other possiblities of the WordPress platform, WordCamp is [...]

WordPress as a CMS

For years, WordPress has made its mark as a blogging platform and the marketing of WordPress has supported that notion.  But WordPress ninjas all over have known for quite some time that WordPress has many uses beyond blogging.  Ever since the inclusion of page hierarchies allowing WordPress sites to be set up with page parents [...]


One of the first projects Holly and I undertook under the Shiny New Toy name, MeltingSpot, is now live. MeltingSpot, a free email newsletter and website, is an Internet version of the American “melting pot” society – a place where Americans and immigrants come together to close the culture gap. Read MeltingSpot for advice on [...]