Monthly Archives: September 2008

Twitter Cha-cha-cha-changes!

Twitter got a little face lift yesterday and its not that bad. I love the look of the larger type for your “following”, “followers”, “updates” count and that your latest tweet is place under the update field. They do use a lot of my design pet peeves… but that’s pretty much the extent of my [...]


We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming on Red Pill to give you…well, yet another shiny new toy.  This time it’s Boombox – a site for mp3 mixes we built using the Opentape server. It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of the mix tape.  Anyone who grew up in the 80′s has made many [...]

Facebook’s Killer Feature

Telling you it’s someone’s birthday.  It’s the best reason to login to Facebook on a regular basis.  If only my entire family were on Facebook.  I wouldn’t miss a nephew or uncle’s birthday ever again.

Latest Shiny New Toy:

“I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is… More Cowbell” Add some cowbell and “THE Bruce Dickinson” to your favorite jams. Here’s a quick mashup to subside that fever. Make your own at

Wordle Clouds of Obama and McCain Acceptance Speeches

Wordle is currently my favorite web toy for playing (and procrastinating).  In case you don’t know, Wordle allows you to create word clouds from blocks of text and RSS feeds.  The flexibility you have in selecting colors, fonts, and text sizing allows for a number of creative possibilities.  But the tool also allows for a [...]

Google’s new toy is so shiny they named it "Chrome"

Today, Google dove headfirst into the browser wars by releasing their own browser – Chrome.  I’ve downloaded it, installed it, and have now been using it for 30 minutes.  Here’s what I’m thinking… Yes, it loads super fast.  And that is definitely a welcome improvement from my beloved, but sometimes hated Mozilla Firefox.  Firefox currently [...]

Hurricane Gustav, CNN, and Twitter

I have previously written that I believed Twitter’s tipping point was coming on November 4, 2008 – the night of the Presidential election.  In that post, I wrote about how Twitter would cross into mainstream media and we would be seeing Tweets being quoted by news anchors. But Hurricane Gustav has played in a role [...]