Monthly Archives: October 2008

Adding an intelligence dashboard to your online toolkit

I’ve been at the Social Media Strategies Conference in San Francisco the last 2 days, meeting great people, and learning plenty.  Yesterday I was recruited by Colin Browning to lead a breakout session that was tasked with thinking about how to approach the development of social media strategy for a non-profit organization.  During the session, [...]

CSS Housekeeping

Even the most accomplished web builders are guilty of bloated CSS files.  Any developer or designer that tells you that their CSS file is 100% streamlined is probably fibbing.  Especially if you’re discussing a CSS file for a site that recently launched.  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for a CSS file end up [...]

Join me at PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii

Hey all… if you are in Hawaii this week (and I know you all wish you were), help me wind down Geek Week at PodCamp + WordCamp Hawaii. I’ll be speaking on Saturday about how you can reinforce your personal or company’s brand by doing simple tweaks to default WordPress templates. I’ll go into a [...]

Saul Bass

We recently started working on a new Web site for a client.  The client provided some initial design direction by letting us know of their interest to have a site design that blends a modern web feel with the tone of Old Hollywood. So we started brainstorming what this actually meant…what it such a blend [...]

Five days, five new features: Using blogroll lists in different ways on day 5

It’s the last day of this series and since it’s Friday, I’m going to add a relatively simple feature to Red Pill.  After all, the weekend is looming large. I thought that I would add a blogroll to Red Pill, but I decided to use the blogroll feature of WordPress in a non-traditional way.  Most [...]

Five days, five new features: Populating the superfooter columns on day 4

Yesterday, I added the superfooter to Red Pill.  And truth be told the new blog features I’m going to talk about today were actually added yesterday (after all, it would be hard to have a viewable superfooter unless something was in it), but now I’m going to describe exactly what code I used to make [...]

Five days, five new features: Adding the superfooter on Day 3

Significant changes to Red Pill’s layout today as I added a superfooter to bottom of the blog design. In my opinion, superfooters are an underrated design element.  So many blogs just load up on their sidebars that it ends up taking focus away from the content within a post. On some blogs – tags, recent [...]

Five days, five new features: Adding ‘Related Posts’ on Day 2

Yesterday, I added in the All-in-one-SEO-pack plugin for WordPress.  A relatively simple kickoff to my five days, five new features series I’m running this week to get myself back on the wagon with blogging.  Or is off the wagon.  I get those confused all the time, so who knows. Today, I’m going to adding a [...]

Five days, Five new features for Red Pill: Day 1 is SEO

Last week, I basically wrote about blog neglect.  Some of that neglect has been a result of client work that we’re just not quite ready to start talking about yet.  But some of the time suck has been due to some internal tasks…many of which are related to this very blog. So in effort, to [...]

Dear Blog…

No, I haven’t forgotten about you though I’m sure you’re feeling just like my turntables have felt the last 2 years – neglected.  After all, it’s no fun to sit around collecting dust. Excuses?  Nah, I don’t have any of those for you.  But I’m happy to share what I’ve been up to.  My offline [...]