Five days, Five new features for Red Pill: Day 1 is SEO

Last week, I basically wrote about blog neglect.  Some of that neglect has been a result of client work that we’re just not quite ready to start talking about yet.  But some of the time suck has been due to some internal tasks…many of which are related to this very blog.

So in effort, to roll out some new features to Red Pill, as well as get back in the blogging routine, I’m going to add a new site feature to Red Pill every day this week. Each new site feature will be accompanied by a blog post.  And so here we go…

I just added the All-in-One-SEO-Pack plugin for WordPress.  We always install this plugin for our clients, but for whatever reason…we forgot to add it here.  Talk about neglecting your own best practices!

The biggest thing the plugin does for you is format your post titles in the browser title bar so that the post title appears before the Blog title.  The result of which is optimization for your search engine.  There’s a ton of configuration options in this plugin, and I you need a roadmap to figure out how to set everything, I’ll just point you in the direction of the one I used.

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