About Yahoo Pipes and using it in an Intelligence Dashboard

We’re going to spend a little bit of times on Yahoo! Pipes before going forward.  As you’ve seen so far, we’ve been doing a lot with RSS in building the intelligence dashboard on NetVibes.  But sometimes, the content we want to aggregate isn’t in a feed form like RSS or Atom.  That’s where Yahoo Pipes comes to the rescue and allows us to mash up content from around the web.

I’d rather not launch into a tutorial on using Pipes (that’s a whole series of blog posts in itself), but here’s a few links for you to check and learn more about using Yahoo! Pipes

But back to building our intelligence dashboard.  Where does Yahoo Pipes come into play?  It already came into play yesterday when we added a YouTube tag watcher for Tesla Motors.  Today, I’m going to add a monitoring tool for watching submissions to crowdsourced content engines like Digg and Reddit by using a previously made Pipe called Social Site Submission Watch Dog.  Head over there, insert teslamotors.com into the URL field for the pipe and click Run Pipe.  As we did n the previous post in this series, we grab the RSS results of the pipe and add the feed to our NetVibes dashboard.

The result looks like the image below.  The Social Site Submission feed is in the top of the third column.



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