Giving Thanks

Client deliverables have prevented me from doing much blogging in recent weeks.  Which is a bummer, but I was on a roll with the series I was doing on intelligence dashboards.  I’ll pick that up again after the holiday weekend.

But with the Thanksgiving holiday in mind, I thought I would take some time go give some thanks.  So here goes.

Thanks to Jeremy from the Cupertino Union School District.  Jeremy is just the perfect client.  Really cooperative, super patient, eager to learn, and an all-around nice guy.  All of our clients should be just like you, Jeremy.  You perfectly emulate the idea of being our partner.  Not our client.

Thanks to Sam Lawrence and his Go Big Always blog. Over the past year, that blog has been my favorite.  I love the combination of snarky satire, humor, and richly valued substance. And no blog that I read on a regular basis seems to have the production value that goes into each post that Sam puts into his.  Just take a look at some of the graphics he includes with his post.  Amazing.  Sam recently had some big change in his life and is going through a less than ideal time.  I wish him well and look forward to when he returns to “go big”.

Thanks to the people at Twitter.  I don’t know why you turned down a gazillion dollars from Facebook, but I’m awfully glad you did.  If my friends ever start super-poking me on Twitter, I’m pulling the ripcord.

Thanks to Holly for being the perfect business partner. Couldn’t do any of this without her.  Even after all these years, working with Holly is a fresh and exciting as it was in the beginning.  And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun. 

Finally, thanks to my family for all the support.  Keturah, Mason and Jude.  I love you all.

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