Monthly Archives: December 2008

WordPress 2.7 is finally out!

JJ and I have been playing around with WP 2.7 for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with it. I think the iterations done since feedback from 2.5 (and all the crazy horse stuff) are pretty solid. So congrats to Matt and all the guys at Automattic for a successful release. [...]

Weekly Inspiration: Mobile sites

For the last few weeks, I’ve been helping a friend design a mobile site. It’s a space that I’m not all too familiar with, so I’ve been capturing a lot of decent inspiration. Here is a snapshot of what’s been on my mind. I know what you are thinking… looks like screenshots of iphone apps. [...]

Track key phrases on your Intelligence Dashboards

If you’ve been following this series from the beginning, you should be getting pretty comfortable adding RSS feeds to track online activity regarding your company and your competitors with your intelligence dashboards.  The wash-rinse-repeat method of searching for a text string in Google Blog Search, finding the RSS link, and adding it into NetVibes is [...]

Surfing Material

Here’s a few items I’ve found on the web this past week that I thought you should check out. Tim O’Reilly on Why I Love Twitter – Great post from a great thinker on the web and emerging media The Beginners Guide to Promoting Your Blog by Jason Falls – if you’re new to blogging [...]

Intelligence Dashboard: Monitor your competitors

Apologies for the delay in the next post on this series about building intelligence dashboards.  We’ve been up to our eyeballs in some client work that is due very soon. So far, I’ve posted about how you can use RSS and some other tools to monitor your own brand (or in the case of this [...]