Monthly Archives: January 2009

How offline GMail will help me get things done

You know it.  I know it.  The interweb is full of distraction after distraction.  Between IM, Twitter, Hulu, TechMeme, Google Reader, Pandora, and a ranking of every Beatles song ever recorded, it’s amazing that I ever write a line of programming code or change my kids diapers.  It’s a miracle I ever get around to [...]

I think I picked the wrong blog commenting system

When Automattic purchased IntenseDebate, I decided to begin adopting that commenting system on various blogs I administer.  I even recommended it to some clients.  Because I utilize WordPress on my sites, my thinking was that Automattic’s purchase of IntenseDebate meant integration with WordPress would be superior in the long run. While that still may be [...]

In the face of doubt, openness prevails

So says a memo from President Obama regarding the Freedom of Information Act. I like how he thinks. Have to admit, I never thought I would be linking to a web page at from one of my blogs.

“Take Dead Aim on the Rich Boys” – Celebrating the sounds of Wes Anderson films

Want a conversation topic to have over a beer with a bunch of movie loving friends?  Discuss filmmaker Wes Anderson’s body of work.  There’s some good and there’s some bad.  Rushmore is a classic.  If you ask me to name my 10 favorite films of all-time, Rushmore makes the list.  Bottle Rocket is charming enough, [...]

High Noon

Cable News is Screwed

So observed Thomas Edwards in the aftermath of the Hudson River plane crash, when timeliness of information about the crash on Twitter blew away what cable news outlets could provide. 

Blog Design in the Twitter Age

A recent post on Mashable presented “10 ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009.” Twitter is a microblogging service that…oh, forget it. Point is that though Twitter approached mainstream status as a communication medium in 2008, but still doesn’t replace the “online homebase” that one’s blog site can be, especially when served up using [...]

2009 MacWorld Keynote – A wasted morning

As Phil Schiller told David Pogue, having a blockbuster keynote every January at MacWorld just isn’t something that Apple can keep up.  But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t follow what Engadget was live blogging on Tuesday morning hoping to hear about a revised MacMini and what’s in store for the iPhone.  But sadly, Apple [...]

Boombox: New Year = New Party

Kickin’ the new year off with a sweet mixtape. My New Year = New Party mix tape features a bunch of remixes of some of my ’08 favs, as well as some new music that I’ve been crushing over this last week. Let me know what you think.

2009 Gadget Daydreaming

If you’re like me and fond of the tech gadgets that fill your life, one of the treats of the new year is that it starts off with a bang.  Both MacWorld and the Consumer Electronics Show take place in the first full week of January. For me, it makes for a good time to [...]