2009 Gadget Daydreaming

If you’re like me and fond of the tech gadgets that fill your life, one of the treats of the new year is that it starts off with a bang.  Both MacWorld and the Consumer Electronics Show take place in the first full week of January. For me, it makes for a good time to think about what I may be considering adding to my arsenal of tech and what I’ll continue to lust for.  Here’s a bit of what’s bouncing around in my brain.


My contract with Sprint is up in May and at that time, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be dumping my Treo 755 for an iPhone.  Quite honestly, the Spring contract and the $200 it would cost me to get out of it early is the first reason that I don’t have an iPhone already.  The hatred that folks like Holly spew towards their iPhones is a close second reason.  But in spite of what people tell me it about it being a crappy phone, but a wonderful internet appliance…there is just too much innovation happening with the iPhone for me t resist.  Every week someone tells me about a cool iPhone app – like this one from Urbanspoon – that gets me thinking “how can I live without one?”

So what I’m wondering is what will be the state of the iPhone around May.  Will there have been a software update to add things like cut and paste and video recording?  More storage size for all my mp3s?  Or will they have announced the next version…forcing me to hold off for a few more months?  I’m hoping that the events of next weeks MacWorld will shed some light on this.


Honestly, I’ve been thinking about a laptop for the kitchen counter for a few years now.  I’ve had my eyes and ears open to someone looking to dump an old laptop that I could load Ubuntu, connect it to the web to allow me to do some quick email checking, look up a recipe for Ribolitta, or jump over to Amazon to buy a birthday present while I was thinking about.  The kitchen in our house is not only the place where we cook, but its also the command center.  Having access to the vast resources of the web would definitely help.

But something funny happened while I was waiting around for someone to donate me an old junker.  Netbooks became all the range.  If I were a frequent business traveler, there’s no question I would own one of these 7 inch devices.  The age of cloud computing using things like Google Docs and the growing amount of legitimate online entertainment (Hulu, YouTube, Netflix Watch Instantly) having a computer that runs only a web browser increasingly more sense.

What I’ll probably do on this is wait until the second half of the year.  The iPhone with its Safari browser may solve my fetish of having the web at my fingertips at all times.  And as with all tech, waiting will always get you more for your money. 

Mac Mini

This is another device I’ve considered for a long, long time and I’m interested to hear what updates Apple has in store for it at Macworld.  My fascination with it is as a media server that I can stick right next to my Wii in the living room entertainment center.  Haven’t done so in the past because I’ve felt the Mini had some limitations too difficult to be overcome To be on the fast track to my living room, the Mini ideally would have:

  • A Blu-Ray drive.  Currently I’ve got a PS3 to play blu-ray films, but wow does the fan on that thing get pretty loud at times.  Would love to be able to use a MacMini for blu-ray discs, dvd discs, Hulu Video, YouTube, and Netflix Watch Instantly
  • Optical audio output to handle surround sound
  • A killer remote with a scroll wheel.  I’d like to be able to get my iTunes library onto this thing, but need a way of scrolling through the library quickly an easily.  Currently, I hook up my iPod to my entertainment center via a DLO HomeDock.  It works well with the exception of scrolling through the artists and album library.  When you have 60 GB of music, using a down button to page through lists is totally annoying. 

My Next Nikon

Is this the year that I make the leap to the Nikon D300 or D700?  I’ll be paying attention to what Nikon is up to at the Consumer Electronics Show.  If they announce a successor to the D300 that has movie mode, I may have to consider dropping not only my D50, but also my JVC Everio and Flip Ultra. 

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    A friend of mine is VERY happy with his Nokia.

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  3. Posted June 17, 2009 at 11:07 am | Permalink

    I must admit I love gadgets as well. The new iphone and Google phone is wicked!


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