Blog Design in the Twitter Age

A recent post on Mashable presented “10 ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009.”

Twitter is a microblogging service that…oh, forget it.

Point is that though Twitter approached mainstream status as a communication medium in 2008, but still doesn’t replace the “online homebase” that one’s blog site can be, especially when served up using a self-hosted version of WordPress.  The Mashable post presents legitmate trends that we may being to see in blog designs, from simple features such as Twitter rolls (similar to Blogrolls) to complex features such as Tweetbacks (integrated Twitter responses to a blog post within the posts comment listings). 

But most of all, the Mashable post speaks to the continuing trend that our blogs exist as the best aggregators of all of a blog owner’s online activity, from Twitter to Flickr and beyond.  2009 also saw the rise of aggregating services such as Friendfeed and storytlr, but these services lack the customization and branding that one can include in a self hosted property such as a blog.  A blog where the posts exists as the primary, featured content with our short 140 character bursts, Flickr photos, Seesmic videos, and more revolving around like planets orbiting the sun.

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