How offline GMail will help me get things done

You know it.  I know it.  The interweb is full of distraction after distraction.  Between IM, Twitter, Hulu, TechMeme, Google Reader, Pandora, and a ranking of every Beatles song ever recorded, it’s amazing that I ever write a line of programming code or change my kids diapers.  It’s a miracle I ever get around to dealing with email.  Especially since I use GMail, which requires an active internet connection to work.  Until now.  Google has added offline GMail functionality

And I have to admit, this is going to help.  A lot.  One of my main getting things done strategies is to actually unplug the ethernet cable or turn off the wifi radio.  That works pretty well when I have some web development work to to or when I need to focus on writing a blog post.  But until now, it would never work for dealing with the messages piling up in GMail. 

The video below shows how offline GMail will work and Google’s announcement blog post has the instructions for enabling it.


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