Three simple but incredibly useful tools

OK, two of these are really simple to use.  The third is a bit more involved.  But still incredibly useful.  All worth sharing.  So here we go…

Down for everyone or just me?

The next time one of your clients calls you frantically saying his site is down, first use this tool to find out.  Then email him the link and tell him to use it to check before contacting you. 

Doodle event scheduler

Calendaring systems keep trying to find ways to make it easier to schedule meetings.  But none have hit a home run on that feature yet.  And we all know that using email to try to find the best time to meet is absolute nightmare.  Doodle is still the easiest way to poll people on available meeting times.  No account sign up required.  Love tools that allow me to make use of them without having to register an account.

Five Second Test

This is the one that is more involved.  But we all know we should be doing more usability and focus group testing.  But we all know that is ultra time consuming.  Five Second Test facilitates that process of getting feedback on your comps. 

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