About Shiny New Toy

Shiny New Toy is a collective of digital creative and technologists focused on the exploration and utilization of emerging, new media. Shiny New Toy is led by the core collective of Holly Hagen and J.J. Toothman.

Holly Hagen
Holly began her career doing traditional print design and branding strategies for several retail companies around the Bay Area. Helping local companies like Tea Collection and Arika C Jewelry, build and reinforce their new identities. In 2004, she decided to refocus her career and began specializing in web design. While contracting at NASA Ames Research Center, she worked with J.J. and gained considerable experience working designing and implementing various open source solutions and web applications, including the NASA Ames’ official public blog. Since early 2007, she has held a position at Hot Studio consulting with clients such as Cisco, eBay and McGraw-Hill designing experiences that are both usable and beautiful.

J.J. Toothman
J.J. is a passionate web technologist with over 10 years of experience crafting online strategies within a number of industries and pairing them with all-star web solutions and professional implementations. While working at NASA Ames Research Center, he implemented numerous open source software solutions and web applications in addition to evangelizing and integrating web standards within software development teams. J.J. led the strategic definition, content development process implementation, and website development of NASA Ames’ first official public blog. Most recently, he has worked at Stanford University where he holds the title of Senior Web Technologist in the Office of Development.

In 2005, J.J. completed a Master of Arts degree in Multimedia by developing Luminance, an interactive art installation that explores non-tethered physical human interaction with digital content. J.J. has previous experience with e-commerce dot-coms and global interactive adverting agencies where he produced web projects for diverse brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Palm Computing, and Barclays Global Investors.

Working With Shiny New Toy

Shiny New Toy is a “virtual company.” We keep our costs lower by not maintaining office space and by attempting to limit travel for face-to-face meetings. We utilize technology for collaboration and communication amongst ourselves and with our clients. All clients that work with Shiny New Toy are invited to collaborate and participate in the team discussions which take place at a password-protected web site. We consider our clients to be part of the team.

Additionally, we are often accessible via Instant Messaging software such as Skype. When necessary, we make ourselves available for conference calls and utilize virtual presentation tools such as WebEx.

Why use us?

We have the expertise and experience to ensure the trouble-free and effective management of your project – from conception to ongoing management. The team, as detailed above, is highly professional and committed to the highest standards. We have identified the requirements of the site and developed an appropriate strategy to ensure these needs are met.