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Get It While it’s Hot! Our First Official Desktop Wallpaper

JJ and I are proud to announce our first official desktop wallpaper. I jokingly made this for JJ yesterday and we figured why not just offer it up. It’s inspired by a ridiculous term we’ve been joking about for months… Dynamism: Keep web sites “fresh” by periodically adding new material and features, and by updating [...]

New York Times’ Twitter Chatter Map of Superbowl

Awesome time lapsed map of tweets from the New York Times. It shows the location and frequency of commonly used words during the Superbowl. This map produces amazing visuals and is impressive to see how far Twitter has come. Charlene Li wrote up a quick post about this find and pretty much summed up everything [...]

Boombox: New Year = New Party

Kickin’ the new year off with a sweet mixtape. My New Year = New Party mix tape features a bunch of remixes of some of my ’08 favs, as well as some new music that I’ve been crushing over this last week. Let me know what you think.

WordPress 2.7 is finally out!

JJ and I have been playing around with WP 2.7 for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with it. I think the iterations done since feedback from 2.5 (and all the crazy horse stuff) are pretty solid. So congrats to Matt and all the guys at Automattic for a successful release. [...]

Weekly Inspiration: Mobile sites

For the last few weeks, I’ve been helping a friend design a mobile site. It’s a space that I’m not all too familiar with, so I’ve been capturing a lot of decent inspiration. Here is a snapshot of what’s been on my mind. I know what you are thinking… looks like screenshots of iphone apps. [...]

Weekly Inspiration: Design Sites

During my presentation at WordCamp Hawaii last month, I showed a handful of web sites that I look to for design inspiration. I thought most of the examples were so obvious, I actually considered taking those slides out right before the presentation. But to my surprised most of the audience admitted to never seeing them [...]

Join me at PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii

Hey all… if you are in Hawaii this week (and I know you all wish you were), help me wind down Geek Week at PodCamp + WordCamp Hawaii. I’ll be speaking on Saturday about how you can reinforce your personal or company’s brand by doing simple tweaks to default WordPress templates. I’ll go into a [...]

Twitter Cha-cha-cha-changes!

Twitter got a little face lift yesterday and its not that bad. I love the look of the larger type for your “following”, “followers”, “updates” count and that your latest tweet is place under the update field. They do use a lot of my design pet peeves… but that’s pretty much the extent of my [...]

Latest Shiny New Toy:

“I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is… More Cowbell” Add some cowbell and “THE Bruce Dickinson” to your favorite jams. Here’s a quick mashup to subside that fever. Make your own at

Another successful WordCamp wraps up

WordCamp is easily one of my favorite events of the year. Meeting our fantastic community and geeking out over WordPress is the best. Plus, JJ and I were pretty excited this year since we launched WP Screencasts. So, we always make it a point to go (sorry to say that JJ did miss out on [...]