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Free Themes to Check Out For WordPress 2.8

First, you should know that WordPress 2.8 was released last night. Upgrading has never been easier.  I’ll be interested to see what the upgrade rate is with this release. And I just read a great post on 10 Free WordPress themes.  There’s some really appealing options in that list.  Despite the fact that we’ve been [...]

How I write blog posts

I would not claim to be a prolific blogger.  Nor I would even attempt to label myself plainly as a blogger despite the fact that I manage and write for a few blogs about my personal life, the Red Sox, and here on Red Pill. Here’s I typically put together a post.  Or at least [...]

Nice update to Twitter email notifications about new followers

Sometime in the last day, email notifications to me about new followers of my Twitter account were accompanied with information about who the person is.  The information in the email now includes the number of followers that user has, the number of people he/she follows and the number of Tweets from that person.     [...]

BigDump – A very handy MySQL transfer utility

Sometimes, you need to transfer a mysql data dump and the process is complicated because what PhpMyAdmin exports for you can not be easily imported into another MySQL database PhpMyAdmin over http because of the file upload limitations of the php web server. That’s where a utility like BigDump comes in handy. BigDump will help [...]

Wordle Fun of the “bought sold processed” speech in Say Anything

The Vader Project

I try to avoid writing blog posts that are basically a hyperlink with a piece of text saying “go look at this now.”  But every once and a while I find something on the web which is a perfect union of techonlogy, culture, and design.  This is one of those times. I bring you The [...]

Tabbloid helps you spend more on ink

A few years ago, I was chatting with a good friend of mine about an interactive project he was working on for a client.  The project was a flash based web site that allowed you to develop custom greeting cards and print them out at home.  Not e-cards.  But actual physical birthday and holiday cards [...]

Have a multi-author blog? Don’t forget about WordPress’s author RSS feeds

Let’s say you’re part of a blog that has more than one author.  You are reading one of those blogs right now.  Other examples in the category would be AllThingsD, TechCrunch, and WebWorkerDaily.  You’ll also want to execute a content outpost strategy using your RSS feeds.  Content outposts – I love that term that Chris [...]

Celebrating Twitter turning 3 by digging up my most important Tweets

On March 21, Twitter turned 3 years old.  (That also happens to be the first full day of spring.)  So I decided to dig into my Twitter archives to find my most significant tweets since my very first one on May 17, 2007.   You can see my first 16 tweets using the very cool [...]

IntenseDebate creates the commenting system platform

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post expressing my disappointment with the lack of evolution in the IntenseDebate commenting engine.  My disappointed was rooted in seeing feature after feature being added to competing systems like JS-Kit and Disqus.  Most of all, I was bummed out that I couldn’t easily add Facebook Connect login [...]