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Social Media and Goverment SMC Event

If you missed the panel I moderated last week on Social Media and Government, the video archive from UStream is embedded below. Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Join me at PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii

Hey all… if you are in Hawaii this week (and I know you all wish you were), help me wind down Geek Week at PodCamp + WordCamp Hawaii. I’ll be speaking on Saturday about how you can reinforce your personal or company’s brand by doing simple tweaks to default WordPress templates. I’ll go into a [...]

Technology Folks Need to Branch Out

From all accounts I’ve read in the past two days, I missed an excellent weekend of influential presentations and priceless conversations at Gnomedex.  Would have love to have been there, but such is life with two little kids. But one conversation was somewhat encapsulated online by Britt Raybould and Chris Brogan.  In their posts, Britt [...]

From $0 to $2500 in 90 minutes

At the recent Gnomedex conference, Beth Kanter raised well over $2500 to send a Cambodian child to school.  As she reports, a lot of this happened without her being aware of it, while she was giving a presentation. How did this actually happen? It started with less than 140 characters posted to Twitter and a [...]

Introducing WP Screencasts

Today, just in time for WordCamp San Francisco 2008, Shiny New Toy is taking the wraps off a new website we’ve been working on: WP Screencasts.  WP Screencasts is a compilation of instructional training videos for managing web content with the WordPress platform. If you are a current client of ours and we’ve built a [...]

Twitter’s tipping point is coming on November 4, 2008

What’s happening that night is that the U.S. will be electing Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.  Or at least that how I hope it plays out. But’s also the most united night the American people will have.  Nothing unites EVERYONE like a presidential election.  The Super Bowl comes close, but [...]

Kickstarting Social Media Club

Social Media Club is one of those organizations Holly and I have gained so much from.  As a collective that loves using the web and being on the, Shiny New Toy believes that the web is a better place when every new person, company, and organization starts participating and communicating via the web and related [...]

Reflecting On Solstice Unplugged

It has now been a couple weeks since Holly and I invited our friends to celebrate the first day of Summer with us at Gray Whale Cove and hauled a keg of beer down a few hundred steps to make it to the beach. The thoughts and memories are still gloriously swimming around in my [...]

Mantra for 2008: Giving Back

When Holly and I decided to (re)join forces, fire up the factory, and unleash Shiny New Toy on the world, we rooted our principles on many of the same principles found in the open source software community and the emerging – make that exploding – world of social media communications.  Like those two outstanding communities, [...]

Solstice Unplugged is just around the corner

In need of some good times and good conversations? Come celebrate the first day of summer with JJ and I by getting unplugged and connecting outside in the sun. We will be spending the Saturday, June 21 at Gray Whale Cove State Beach – drinking, eating and having a good time. This is a family-friendly [...]