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Migrate your blog from WordPress to Tumblr

About a year ago, I decided to move the content of one of my personal blogs from a self hosted WordPress installation to the Tumblr platform after realizing that the Tumblr workflow that emphasized curating text, photos, and videos from across the Web was taking precedence over composing original content on my own.  Surely someone [...]

Nice update to Twitter email notifications about new followers

Sometime in the last day, email notifications to me about new followers of my Twitter account were accompanied with information about who the person is.  The information in the email now includes the number of followers that user has, the number of people he/she follows and the number of Tweets from that person.     [...]

Celebrating Twitter turning 3 by digging up my most important Tweets

On March 21, Twitter turned 3 years old.  (That also happens to be the first full day of spring.)  So I decided to dig into my Twitter archives to find my most significant tweets since my very first one on May 17, 2007.   You can see my first 16 tweets using the very cool [...]

New York Times’ Twitter Chatter Map of Superbowl

Awesome time lapsed map of tweets from the New York Times. It shows the location and frequency of commonly used words during the Superbowl. This map produces amazing visuals and is impressive to see how far Twitter has come. Charlene Li wrote up a quick post about this find and pretty much summed up everything [...]

Cable News is Screwed

So observed Thomas Edwards in the aftermath of the Hudson River plane crash, when timeliness of information about the crash on Twitter blew away what cable news outlets could provide. 

Blog Design in the Twitter Age

A recent post on Mashable presented “10 ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009.” Twitter is a microblogging service that…oh, forget it. Point is that though Twitter approached mainstream status as a communication medium in 2008, but still doesn’t replace the “online homebase” that one’s blog site can be, especially when served up using [...]