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Latest news and updates about Shiny New Toy

Dormant. But not extinct

It’s been a while since we popped our heads out of the sand around here.  It’s fair to say that Shiny New Toy has been in  a bit of hibernation mode for almost a year.  To say that we’ve folded our hands would be incorrect.  To say that we’ve become increasingly self-aware and have evolved [...]

In the face of doubt, openness prevails

So says a memo from President Obama regarding the Freedom of Information Act. I like how he thinks. Have to admit, I never thought I would be linking to a web page at from one of my blogs.

Save Pandora

Federal government fees are crippling music recommendation and streaming service Pandora to the point that it may have to shut down.  This would be a major loss to the Internet as well anyone who likes music – basically everybody. Justin Dorfman offers some ideas on what we can do to save it.  Please give his [...]

Introducing WP Screencasts

Today, just in time for WordCamp San Francisco 2008, Shiny New Toy is taking the wraps off a new website we’ve been working on: WP Screencasts.  WP Screencasts is a compilation of instructional training videos for managing web content with the WordPress platform. If you are a current client of ours and we’ve built a [...]

WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt

Right on the heels of WordCamp is the WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt.  Proceeds from this event – which looks like it will be very fun – will benefit 826 Valencia. To play a little six degrees of WordPress separation… The WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt benefits 826 Valencia 826 Valencia was founded by Dave Eggers Dave [...]

The Shiniest New Toy

I don’t often write about the intimate happenings of my personal life here.  My personal blog is the place to learn more about that.  But every once and a while, something pretty special happens.  On August 4,my second son, Jude, was born.  Complete details are here.

Must Read Conversation on Tech Blogging

Last night Robert Scoble published a rant – er, i mean blog post – titled “Has/How/Why tech blogging has failed you.” The post and subsequent conversation taking place via the comments on the post and on Friendfeed are amazing. While the post zeroes in on Tech blogging, anyone interest in the blogging medium should give [...]

Summer 2008 and the web: This pretty much sums it up

Really enjoyed this page created by Matthew Inman.  Matthew does a nice job of summing up what’s been happening in the web industry with fun, to-the-point images.  This one is my favorite…  

Kickstarting Social Media Club

Social Media Club is one of those organizations Holly and I have gained so much from.  As a collective that loves using the web and being on the, Shiny New Toy believes that the web is a better place when every new person, company, and organization starts participating and communicating via the web and related [...]

Mantra for 2008: Giving Back

When Holly and I decided to (re)join forces, fire up the factory, and unleash Shiny New Toy on the world, we rooted our principles on many of the same principles found in the open source software community and the emerging – make that exploding – world of social media communications.  Like those two outstanding communities, [...]