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Latest news and updates about Shiny New Toy

We’re ustreaming Charlene Li’s Discussion at Third Thursday

Holly and I are pleased to able to support the wonderful Third Thursday series tonight by ustreaming Charlene Li’s discussion.  You can tune it at .  The broadcast will start at 6:30 PM PST. Third Thursday is a wonderful discussion and networking event organized by Mike Manuel of Voce Communications and Jen McClure of [...]

Shiny New Toy – Our Story

The story of Shiny New Toy actually starts with the U.S. space program.  Holly and I worked together at NASA Ames Research Center from 2003 to 2007.  We were a web operations, design, and development team creating web application for business processes and sharing information within the enterprise.  During that time, we embraced the open [...]

Shiny New Toy Takes The Red Pill and Removes the Wrapping Paper

According to Wikipedia, taking the Red Pill is to “embrace the sometimes painful truth.” Honestly, I thought it just meant you get to spend time in cool virtual worlds mastering jujitsu. So maybe the red pill metaphor doesn’t work so well for Shiny New Toy. In any case, we just launched the splash page for [...]