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Tomorrow is the day

If you’re looking for the virtual place to monitor and participate in election day 2008, The Blog Herald has a fantastic roundup of great destinations.  My favorite is as you can just passively sit back and soak up the activity as the site self-updates.  Tomorrow will be a fantastic benchmark to see how far [...]

CSS Housekeeping

Even the most accomplished web builders are guilty of bloated CSS files.  Any developer or designer that tells you that their CSS file is 100% streamlined is probably fibbing.  Especially if you’re discussing a CSS file for a site that recently launched.  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for a CSS file end up [...]

Five days, five new features: Adding the superfooter on Day 3

Significant changes to Red Pill’s layout today as I added a superfooter to bottom of the blog design. In my opinion, superfooters are an underrated design element.  So many blogs just load up on their sidebars that it ends up taking focus away from the content within a post. On some blogs – tags, recent [...]

Twitter Cha-cha-cha-changes!

Twitter got a little face lift yesterday and its not that bad. I love the look of the larger type for your “following”, “followers”, “updates” count and that your latest tweet is place under the update field. They do use a lot of my design pet peeves… but that’s pretty much the extent of my [...]

Google’s new toy is so shiny they named it "Chrome"

Today, Google dove headfirst into the browser wars by releasing their own browser – Chrome.  I’ve downloaded it, installed it, and have now been using it for 30 minutes.  Here’s what I’m thinking… Yes, it loads super fast.  And that is definitely a welcome improvement from my beloved, but sometimes hated Mozilla Firefox.  Firefox currently [...]

Keep it Simple with Eventbrite

I’m a big fan of saving time and energy by using best of breed online services that already exist.  Keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel is something any software developer hears repeatedly while they are working on a new project.  When Holly and I work with our clients, we often recommend third party [...]

Save Pandora

Federal government fees are crippling music recommendation and streaming service Pandora to the point that it may have to shut down.  This would be a major loss to the Internet as well anyone who likes music – basically everybody. Justin Dorfman offers some ideas on what we can do to save it.  Please give his [...]

Red Pill or Blue Pill

In my previous post, The Online You, I talked about the challenge of using social media to properly portray yourself to people you may end up doing business with while providing a complete picture of who you are and all that you are about.  So exactly are Holly and I tackling this issue with Shiny [...]

The Online You

One of the biggest challenges when diving into the online social media world and beginning to participate is figuring out how to represent yourself.  Of course, there’s the general ethics that basically equate to “love your neighbor.”  These exist as much in the physical worlds as they do in the online world.  Along the same [...]

Summer 2008 and the web: This pretty much sums it up

Really enjoyed this page created by Matthew Inman.  Matthew does a nice job of summing up what’s been happening in the web industry with fun, to-the-point images.  This one is my favorite…