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Migrate your blog from WordPress to Tumblr

About a year ago, I decided to move the content of one of my personal blogs from a self hosted WordPress installation to the Tumblr platform after realizing that the Tumblr workflow that emphasized curating text, photos, and videos from across the Web was taking precedence over composing original content on my own.  Surely someone [...]

Free Themes to Check Out For WordPress 2.8

First, you should know that WordPress 2.8 was released last night. Upgrading has never been easier.  I’ll be interested to see what the upgrade rate is with this release. And I just read a great post on 10 Free WordPress themes.  There’s some really appealing options in that list.  Despite the fact that we’ve been [...]

Have a multi-author blog? Don’t forget about WordPress’s author RSS feeds

Let’s say you’re part of a blog that has more than one author.  You are reading one of those blogs right now.  Other examples in the category would be AllThingsD, TechCrunch, and WebWorkerDaily.  You’ll also want to execute a content outpost strategy using your RSS feeds.  Content outposts – I love that term that Chris [...]

IntenseDebate creates the commenting system platform

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post expressing my disappointment with the lack of evolution in the IntenseDebate commenting engine.  My disappointed was rooted in seeing feature after feature being added to competing systems like JS-Kit and Disqus.  Most of all, I was bummed out that I couldn’t easily add Facebook Connect login [...]

I think I picked the wrong blog commenting system

When Automattic purchased IntenseDebate, I decided to begin adopting that commenting system on various blogs I administer.  I even recommended it to some clients.  Because I utilize WordPress on my sites, my thinking was that Automattic’s purchase of IntenseDebate meant integration with WordPress would be superior in the long run. While that still may be [...]

WordPress 2.7 is finally out!

JJ and I have been playing around with WP 2.7 for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with it. I think the iterations done since feedback from 2.5 (and all the crazy horse stuff) are pretty solid. So congrats to Matt and all the guys at Automattic for a successful release. [...]

WordPress 2.7 and the New Dashboard

WordPress 2.7 is slated to be released very soon and I’ve started playing around with the beta release.  And I’ve begun producing some updated videos for The video below provides a quick intro to the new dashboard coming in WordPress 2.7.  The changes to the dashboard are dramatic and will require adjustments from even [...]

Five days, five new features: Using blogroll lists in different ways on day 5

It’s the last day of this series and since it’s Friday, I’m going to add a relatively simple feature to Red Pill.  After all, the weekend is looming large. I thought that I would add a blogroll to Red Pill, but I decided to use the blogroll feature of WordPress in a non-traditional way.  Most [...]

Five days, five new features: Adding ‘Related Posts’ on Day 2

Yesterday, I added in the All-in-one-SEO-pack plugin for WordPress.  A relatively simple kickoff to my five days, five new features series I’m running this week to get myself back on the wagon with blogging.  Or is off the wagon.  I get those confused all the time, so who knows. Today, I’m going to adding a [...]

Five days, Five new features for Red Pill: Day 1 is SEO

Last week, I basically wrote about blog neglect.  Some of that neglect has been a result of client work that we’re just not quite ready to start talking about yet.  But some of the time suck has been due to some internal tasks…many of which are related to this very blog. So in effort, to [...]