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Don’t Forget to Provide Training

A recent post on WP Candy posed the question "Does WordPress Scare Your Clients?"  It is absolutely true that to some degree, new users will not be comfortable with the WordPress administrative dashboard and will not know how to do even the simplest tasks such as adding a new post.  But being scared and not [...]

Introducing WP Screencasts

Today, just in time for WordCamp San Francisco 2008, Shiny New Toy is taking the wraps off a new website we’ve been working on: WP Screencasts.  WP Screencasts is a compilation of instructional training videos for managing web content with the WordPress platform. If you are a current client of ours and we’ve built a [...]

WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt

Right on the heels of WordCamp is the WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt.  Proceeds from this event – which looks like it will be very fun – will benefit 826 Valencia. To play a little six degrees of WordPress separation… The WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt benefits 826 Valencia 826 Valencia was founded by Dave Eggers Dave [...]

WordPress Plugins We Always Use

Akismet is an obvious choice for any list of WordPress plugins we always use.  But there’s plenty of other plugins that we find ourselves installing every single time we build a site with WordPress.  If Matt and the Automattic crew ever decide to make these part of the core WP software, Holly and I certainly [...]


One of the first projects Holly and I undertook under the Shiny New Toy name, MeltingSpot, is now live. MeltingSpot, a free email newsletter and website, is an Internet version of the American “melting pot” society – a place where Americans and immigrants come together to close the culture gap. Read MeltingSpot for advice on [...]

A review of WordPress for iPhone

About a week ago the WordPress app for the iPhone was announced with an awesome screencast. And now that the app has been released and seeing that JJ and I are HUGE fans of WordPress, its only fitting that I do a quick review (especially since between the two of us, I’m the iPhone owner). [...]

How we bootstrapped Shiny New Toy

It’s getting easier and easier to start a company.  The tools you can use to operate, manage, and communicate with the folks you work with are becoming more robust and dirt cheap to adopt.  Here’s a few of the services and tools we used to bootstrap Shiny New Toy and get things off the ground. [...]

Happy 5th Birthday, WordPress

It was five years ago today that Matt Mullenweg posted a link to download version 0.7 of WordPress, making WordPress publicly available for the very first time.  Like the proud family it is, the WP gang is celebrating with a party in San Francisco tonight.  A party I’d love to be at but won’t be [...]

How we extended the middle finger to Basecamp with WordPress MU and Prologue – Part 1

Part 1 in a series about breaking up with Basecamp and dating our own creation, a blend of WordPress MU and Prologue. Maybe we made the perfect lighweight solution. Or perphaps we created Frankenstein.