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Five days, five new features: Populating the superfooter columns on day 4

Yesterday, I added the superfooter to Red Pill.  And truth be told the new blog features I’m going to talk about today were actually added yesterday (after all, it would be hard to have a viewable superfooter unless something was in it), but now I’m going to describe exactly what code I used to make [...]

Five days, five new features: Adding ‘Related Posts’ on Day 2

Yesterday, I added in the All-in-one-SEO-pack plugin for WordPress.  A relatively simple kickoff to my five days, five new features series I’m running this week to get myself back on the wagon with blogging.  Or is off the wagon.  I get those confused all the time, so who knows. Today, I’m going to adding a [...]

Five days, Five new features for Red Pill: Day 1 is SEO

Last week, I basically wrote about blog neglect.  Some of that neglect has been a result of client work that we’re just not quite ready to start talking about yet.  But some of the time suck has been due to some internal tasks…many of which are related to this very blog. So in effort, to [...]

WordPress Plugins We Always Use

Akismet is an obvious choice for any list of WordPress plugins we always use.  But there’s plenty of other plugins that we find ourselves installing every single time we build a site with WordPress.  If Matt and the Automattic crew ever decide to make these part of the core WP software, Holly and I certainly [...]